Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Reasons Why Black and Whites Should Date

Living as a single person in America can be one of the most awesome experiences of your life. You have access to some of the most diverse, intelligent, progressive and beautiful people on the planet. If you take your time and analyze the dating pool as you should, there is no doubt that you will find someone to not only match your romantic requirements, but exceed them and enrich your life in ways that you never thought possible.
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But there are times when living as a single person in America can be difficult. For example, if you make the decision to increase your dating pool through interracial dating (which I think is totally awesome) you may find an objection from time to time. Cultural and religious diversity in America means that you may encounter others that don’t always hold the same perspective that you do. 

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But we won’t worry too much about the naysayers. Let’s focus on the positive aspect of dating interracially. Let’s take the two most racially obvious choices in our dating pool and analyze them from a positive perspective. Let’s look at African Americans and Caucasians. Blacks dating Whites.

While it may seem that African Americans are very different than Caucasians, you would really be shocked to learn how many things the two actually have in common within a dating paradigm. Here are 5 Reasons Blacks and Whites Should Date:

1.     Curiosity: While a lot of people refuse to admit it, both African Americans and Caucasians have imagined themselves in romantic situations with the other race. Many will not openly broadcast it to their friends for fear of being judged and so they keep their opinions mostly to themselves. But if you were to talk to your White or Black friend, they’d both probably be able to tell you which movie star they’ve fantasized sexually about from the opposite race. Blacks and Whites are the same on this subject. Quiet to friends but more than curious.
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2.     Romance: Blacks and Whites are extremely romantic, although not for the reasons you think. Both base their romance off of a need to move towards a higher purpose. African Americans, while often misread by the public due to rap videos and other misleading media, are very spiritual when it comes to romance. And so are Caucasians.

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3.     Both races project strength when united: Have you ever seen an interracial couple in public? I have. There was a time when I witnessed an interracial couple being ridiculed by a rather rowdy crowd. They whispered offenses and made childish remarks. And you know what? The African American man defended his woman with intelligence and strength. Do you know what the Caucasian woman did? She defended her man with as much strength and intelligence as he displayed. Contrary to what most people think, when those two races are combined in genuine unity they make a powerful combination. Publically they send a message that says, “Our love is bigger than your discriminatory thoughts.”
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4.     When united they reflect the future: If anyone doubts where America and the rest of the world are headed, they only need to look at what this country has accomplished within the last 10 years. There has been a seismic shift in racial relations. And while no one race will determine the movement of this country, one thing is for certain; all cultures are making a sizable movement towards equality and seeing one another as individuals. And at the front of that movement is Caucasians and African Americans. The world is changing.
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5.     Stereotypes destroyed: The stereotypes of old are readily being destroyed by the youth. And that’s a good thing. Both African Americans and Caucasians are refusing to subscribe to the beliefs of their misdirected relatives and choosing instead to learn for themselves. Laws have also played a part in moving stereotypes out of our daily dialog and instead replacing them with interaction and experiences. And let’s face it, the more we see interracial interactions in public, television, movies, and politics, it moves one more mind towards normalcy. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 Ways To Keep your Mother-In-Law Out of Your House

Sooner or later you’re going to encounter a problem with your significant other’s family member. Sometimes the issue is a small one that can be solved with a quick conversation. Other times may require a more “meeting of the minds” approach involving you, your significant other, and the family member. Hey, things happen. It’s better to talk it through in most cases. Life is too short to be angry at someone.
But what if you’ve exhausted all options and no matter what you do, you can’t fix the problem. In other words, what if you hate that person’s guts? And what if that person happens to be the mother of your significant other? How do you navigate such an issue?
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You can have a conversation with your lover and inform them of your displeasure with their mother but you’re probably wasting your time. He or she will probably give you the pep talk about “trying” and “forgiving”. But in the end you already know what the outcome will be. You hate her guts.

And we’ll take things a step further…

What if she hates your guts equally? What if she antagonizes you with nonstop visits to your place and refuses to leave? What if she is constantly bringing up old boyfriends/girlfriends and how she thinks that other person you could’ve dated is doing fine? What if she squats on your career? What if when you open a door, she closes it? What if she eats all of your food? What if she insists on cooking when visiting your house and then complains about the lack of ingredients? What if she throws out all of the beer in the fridge to make room for her favorite juices?

Are you getting the point? What if she just won’t go away? Many people will say that your lover should put his/her mother in her place. But we all know that almost every child on earth has a healthy fear/respect for their parent. So putting them in check will almost never happen.
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So what do you do? How do you get rid of her without breaking your lover’s heart?

Here’s 5 Mean Ways to Get Rid of your Mother-in-Law:

1.     Leave her in your home alone:  Tell her that you and your lover have some errands to run. Leave. But leave for a very long time. As a matter of fact, don’t come home until 12am. Do it for multiple days. This will aggravate the heck out of her.

2.     Don’t grocery shop: Leave exactly one beer and a box of baking soda in your refrigerator. Don’t grocery shop. She’ll either do some shopping or she’ll order takeout. Her opinion of you may be damaged severely but she probably hates you anyway so it’s not going to make it any worse.

3.     Make love loudly: Don’t give her your normal every day sounds. We’re talking Bose Sound Quality here. Boost it up. The dirtier the better. While most parents avoid the thoughts of what their child may be doing in a marriage, few actually have the sound effects to go along with it.
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4.     Gas her up: I don’t care who you are. Flatulence is gross and no one ever gets used to it. For those of us who have manners, we know how to mask our outbursts without anyone being the wiser. We go off alone or to the restroom. But we’re talking about your mother-in-law here. You want to make it so uncomfortable for her that she will leave and return to her cave. Go out and purchase a large can of beans and eat to your heart’s content. Next, sit in her presence and let go in all of your disgusting glory. No one can take that.

5.     Play loud music: This works wonders for getting rid of people. Anyone can tolerate a loud song or two. But go strong with it. Blast it all day and night. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors complain. Your goal is to get rid of your in-law.